The Top 4 Ways Professors Find Out You Hired Someone To Do Your Math Homework

February 25 , 2020

Heads up, students! Here are the top four ways in which you allowed your professors to find out that you hired someone to do your math homework for you.

1. You used campus Internet to order or download your math homework solutions

Sadly, many students don’t realize that colleges routinely track and analyze campus WiFi Internet traffic, especially the downloading of Docx and PDF files. And if a document raises a red flag, the trackers will alert professors about it. So please make sure to be off campus whenever you hire a math genius to complete your assignment.

2. You submitted your downloaded solution file without deleting the author’s name

Warning: By default, each Word document includes the name of the document’s author. So, if the name of the math expert you hired to do your homework is Leonhard Euler Pythagoras, then the name “Leonhard Euler Pythagoras” will appear under “File” in the Word document containing your solutions. And when your professor see that this name does not match yours, he will become suspicious and start asking questions. Also troubling is the fact that the author’s name can show up in pdf documents as well, under Properties. The simplest remedy to having someone else’s name hidden inside your answer file is to copy-and-paste your math expert’s solutions into your own blank document and submit the latter to your professor.

3. You submitted your downloaded solution file without deleting metadata

Microsoft saves in Word documents hidden metadata like tags, comments, and regional settings, while pdf stores metadata like title, subject, and keywords. Unsuspecting students often fall prey to these number one friends of nosey professors. Like, imagine the fallout that generally ensues when a professor clicks on, say, Comments or Subject in your solution file, and sees something like, “Final Draft of Calculus homework solutions for client in the US”!  Ewww, too embarrassing!! But once again, the simple remedy is to copy-and-paste your math writer’s solutions into your own blank document before turning them in.

4. You turned in a paper that contained language with foreign wording or spelling

Many math writers are based abroad in places like the UK, Kenya, and Ukraine. And while they may provide you with accurate, step-by-step solutions to your math problems , they may give away the game with the foreign phrasings or spellings that they use. For example, suppose your paper constantly refers to the “centre of circle C” rather than the “center of circle C.” Then, your professor might conclude that either you have dyslexia or ….. you hired a ghostwriter from the UK!! So, spare yourself the blushes by proofreading your paper to make sure it has strictly American styling and spelling in it. Or, just hire an American math writing company in the first place, like Do My Math Work!


You should always try to solve your math problems on your own, but if ever you pay a math genius to do your homework for you, please avoid these top four ways of gifting your professor a “Gotcha!” moment by following the suggested remedies within.

  • February 25 , 2020
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