DoMyMathWork vs MyMathGenius: A Comparison Review

March 09 , 2020

Picture it: The weekend is coming up, and the weather promises to be gorgeous. Perfect opportunity for you and your buddies to go hiking along the beautiful Wekiwa Springs Loop Trail near Disney World. The only problem? Your killjoy Math professor has just assigned 50 Calculus homework problems for the weekend.

“Oh, go take a hike,” you mutter to yourself as Professor Fuddy Duddy cheerily informs your class the homework is due bright and early Monday morning. No way are you going to let a crushing load of math homework jeopardize your weekend plans. “I need to pay someone to do my math homework for me,” you quietly resolve.

So, with wings on your feet, you rush home and Google, “Who can I pay to do my math homework”, and Boom: up pops the math writing service “My Math Genius” on Page 1. Eagerly, you click on the link and place your order…. but alas, did you just make a costly mistake? Should you instead have taken the time to search beyond Page 1’s results, carefully performing comparison shopping along the way, to unearth the hidden gem Do My Math Work on a later page?

                                                                Which Company Should I Choose To Do My Math Homework?

Yes, you should have! And here’s why:

Do My Math Work vs My Math Genius: A Point-By-Point Comparison

  1. PRICE

Do My Math Work prices are a whopping 50% lower than what My Math Genius charges. For example, My Math Genius charges around $8 per question for College Algebra homework solutions with a 7-day deadline on them, while Do My Math Work’s rate for this is just $4 per question.


There’s a gaping disparity between the mathematical skills and knowledge of Do My Math Work’s experts and My Math Genius’ so-called “geniuses”. All problem solving at Do My Math Work is done in-house by mathematicians and statisticians with PhD degrees, while at My Math Genius, in contrast, requests for math solutions are farmed out to a revolving door of freelancers who, according to sources like, can sometimes be students just like you and not experts with higher academic degrees! And, even if we were to put the best light possible on this “qualification issue” by referencing information on My Math Genius’ very own Website, My Math Genius would still fall short of Do My Math Work, because, according to their Website, all My Math Genius requires of its math writers is “a college degree in mathematics, statistics or finance.”


The aforementioned qualifications of the writers at Do My Math Work and My Math Genius matter because they impact the rate at which errors show up in the answers they give to students. And indeed, it’s error rates that truly set these two Math Homework Help services apart in terms of quality. For starters, read what wrote about a math paper it ordered from My Math Genius:

“I ordered a very simple task which as I supposed can be completed in a couple of hours if you have at least some knowledge in Math. For such a work, the company charged me 170 dollars. I received the paper, and after checking the correct answers, I found errors. Well, the task was very simple, and I don’t know how it was possible to make them at all. It seems that they are not very good at Math”.

And check out what found when they requested solutions from My Math Genius: “Of the four problems we submitted, all of them had some issue. In one case, the answer was entirely wrong. In the other cases, the final answer was correct, but the mathematics used to arrive at that answer was pretty off base.”

And if those two critiques weren’t enough, behold what had to say after they ordered a custom Statistics paper from My Math Genius:

“The paper came in time and looked nice, but when we asked our Statistics expert to check it, he said that the quality of the paper is below average. Moreover, some parts of the content were taken from projects samples online.”

Holy messy toilet seat, Batman!

So, now that you have this information math students, are you still willing to risk substandard grades or plagiarism accusations with My Math Genius while spending a bunch of money? Or would you rather put your faith in a company like Do My Math Work, whose math writers always produce original work and boast an outstanding 98.7% accuracy rating? You do the math!


When the experts at Do My Math Work say they will provide you with step-by-step solutions to your math problems, they mean it. After all, they not only intend for their solutions to pass the probing scrutiny of even the most nitpicking professor, they also want students to be able to learn from the solution steps if they so desire. Hence, they never skimp on explanations during their derivation of a final answer.

My Math Genius, on the other hand? Not so much. Read what had to say about My Math Genius on this matter:

“While both students and we were able to get our assignments completed on time, we were not provided the step-by-steep solutions that we were promised. This may be because the math “experts” are assuming that we have more understanding than we did. [But this is unsatisfactory because] the issue that students have relates to the solution explanations. If they don’t understand how a solution was achieved, they will not be able to move forward in their own coursework.”

Here, here!!


By now you may be wondering, is there any area in which My Math Genius measures up to Do My Math Work?

Customer service, maybe?

Nope: Do My Math Work’s customer service department is staffed by friendly, courteous professionals who’re always willing to go the extra mile because they care about your success as much as you do, while My Math Genius’ customer service “isn’t very helpful” ( and “is difficult to communicate with effectively” (


Do My Math Work offers tutoring, while My Math Genius does not.

How about the minimum order deadline allowed?

Actually, with this it’s neck-and-neck: Both services impose a minimum deadline of 24 hours.

In fact, just about the only area in which My Math Genius surpasses Do My Math Work is the levels of math that they’ll provide answers for. Do My Math Work will entertain all math questions from middle school to the undergraduate level at university, but they won’t do your thesis or dissertation for you. My Math Genius, on the other hand, will.


So there you have it math students, a side-by-side comparison of Do My Math Work and My Math Genius on all the fronts that matter to you. And without question, the winner is clear: Do My Math Work! So, in case you ever forget their URL, please remember to keep searching for them beyond Google’s Page 1 results …. and tell My Math Genius to go take a hike!

  • March 09 , 2020
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