4 Easy Steps Your Child Can Take to Succeed in Math

January 30 , 2020
4 Easy Steps Your Child Can Take to Succeed in Math

All parents want their child to excel in math, but many children are not comfortable with this subject. Still, that doesn’t mean these kids can never do well in math.

While there is no magic bullet that guarantees 100% success in math, there are steps your child can take to overcome his or her discomforts and start to routinely solve math problems competently.

Steps to Take to Succeed in Math

  1.  Start at the Appropriate Level:

All parents have high expectations of their child. However, parents must realize and accept that children possess different abilities and learn at different rates. So, to increase the likelihood that your child succeeds, you should first determine the appropriate level of math for your child to take and enroll him or her accordingly. If your kid is extraordinary and has the potential to manage high levels of math, then an advanced course should be taken. But if he or she is a slow learner and requires time to understand mathematical concepts, then it is better to opt for entry-level courses at first, and then gradually move on to higher-level courses later.

  1.  Utilize Technology:

There are lots of helpful mathematical tools available for free on the Internet. One that is especially useful for performing calculations and solving equations is a step by step math solver. This tool accepts as input an arithmetic expression or equation, and it outputs not just the answer but step-by-step explanations as well. Encourage your child to take advantage of this technology so that he or she does not miss out on any step when solving a problem. When your child is able to see all the steps associated with a solution, it will make it easier for him or her to make sense of the methodology used and the concepts that underlie the approach.

  1.  Practice, Practice, Practice:

Your child should always have this attitude: “I must do my math homework every time”. He or she should never skip a single assignment because math is a subject for which daily practice is a must. This is why math teachers assign so much homework every day: they know that according to research, students should never rely on their innate math talent alone – they must practice every single type of math to be good at them all. In fact, says Professor Hermundur Sigmundsson of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, there is little correlation between being good at one type of math skill and being good at another type. For instance, there is little correlation between being able to solve an addition problem in the arithmetic form ’16 + 74′ and being able to solve one in the form of a word problem. Students, even gifted ones, must practice both types of additional problems to be good at them both.

So, tell your child to practice, practice, practice. This will help him or her to interconnect lots of different math concepts, and math as a whole will become clearer.

  1. Ask for Help:

Every child must accept that at some point, he or she is bound to run into difficulties when trying to understand a math topic or solve a math problem. But in today’s Internet age, there is no need for your child to ever wonder, “Who is my math help?” For, there are lots of excellent math tutors available online 24/7 to help him or her get over any mathematical hurdle he or she may encounter. So, whether it’s a little trouble with a solution step or a major difficulty with a mathematical concept, your child should never hesitate to seek help.


Math is a tough subject, but if your child follows all of the aforementioned steps, he or she will succeed in it.

  • January 30 , 2020
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