Should I Ever Pay Someone To Do My Math Homework?

February 25 , 2020

College in general is challenging, and math classes in particular can be extremely daunting, even for students who are mathematically inclined. This is because professors tend to overload students with tons of math homework filled with difficult problems and give impossible deadlines for their completion. The thinking behind this is that practice makes perfect, but it’s a flawed thinking because overloading students not only causes stress, it also takes a toll on their mental and physical health, which, in turn, ironically, hinders learning.


Unsurprisingly, many math students find creative ways to combat the large workload they face in their classes. Some form study groups with their classmates, split up the homework problems among the group members, and then collectively share in the answers at the end. Others hire math tutors who are familiar with their course to help them target and learn the smallest amount of information necessary to pass their class. And some go as far as to hop on the Internet and hire someone to complete their math assignments for them or take their math class online.

Is Paying For Homework Good Or Bad?


The actions described above, especially the Internet-based ones, can lead to interesting and important discussions about ethics and morality. For instance, is it fair to my fellow students if I pay someone to solve my math problems and in so doing score higher than they do? Is it morally right for me to accept praise or take credit for work that is not truly my own? And yet, on the other hand, is it fair to me to be required by my college to take and pass a math or statistics course that I’ll never use afterward because it’s not really related to my major or future career? And what if I actually understand how to do my math work, but I just don’t have the time to complete all the problems myself? Is it OK to pay for help then?

When Is It OK To Pay Someone To Do Your Math Assignments?

To be clear, it is not illegal to hire someone to do your math assignment. It violates no copyright law in the US or the UK, so you cannot face any civil or criminal liability if you do so. But the ethical aspects of paying someone to write your math or statistics paper or take your online math test for you are not as cut and dried. However, in my opinion, there are two cases where it’s definitely OK to hire a math expert to complete your work for you: if the work is not related to your major, or if failing to do so would put your physical or mental health at risk. Here are some real-world examples of what I mean:

Let’s say you’re an experienced branch manager, and you’re in line to receive a long overdue promotion to an executive position at the head office. You’re supremely qualified for this position, but the only rub? There’s a technical requirement that you obtain a certain diploma by completing a course that includes a MyMathLab module. Since the diploma would be nothing but a disposable entry ticket, would it be so wrong if you were to save valuable time by saying to someone, “Please take my MyMathLab for me“?


Alternatively, let’s say you are a war veteran who has spent your youth fighting courageously for your country, and now you’re pursuing a college education for the first time in your mid-40s. You have three kids and a wife to take care of financially, and in addition to that, you must work even harder than normal to earn extra money for the costly treatment of your post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Each time you’re able, you valiantly take on the struggle of completing your statistics assignments yourself, but sometimes you have neither the energy nor the time to do so. For those isolated occasions, would it be so terrible if you were to jump on your computer, google “pay someone to do my statistics homework cheap“, and then hire an affordable math writing service like Do My Math Work to take a load off yourself and avoid a PTSD relapse?

So, What’s The Verdict?

I hope the above examples have illustrated that dramatic, real-life situations sometimes happen in academia, and it is unwise for college administrators and professors to ignore them or to view unconventional solutions to them as simply black-and-white unethical. At the very least, they should regard the hiring of academic writers as an understandable grey area when a student is taking a required course that is practically unrelated to his major or when his mental or physical health is in jeopardy.


  • February 25 , 2020
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